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Rowan Travel is a family-owned business offering the kind of personal service and value I recommend to my clients. Rowan is the way to go when a decision has been made to hire a coach and driver.

Allan McAllister Ferguson, author of Golf in Scotland: A Travel-Planning Guide.

Steve, I just wanted to say "thank you" to you  for helping us have a most wonderful vacation in Scotland.  You did a great job of getting us to all the different courses, hotels, restaurants and tours  ALWAYS on time with a bright smile no matter how early or late we were running.  We all laughed many times at what a good decision it was to have a driver/van and everything about our trip was fabulous especially the golf.
I've included one of the many photos we took....thanks again for all your help and please pass along our thanks to our Driver!!
Darryl Solie Sept 2010

   Sorry it has taken this long for me to get the picture to you.  We 
were talking about you at lunch and talking about how much you added 
to the enjoyment of our trip.  Thank you very much.

J Mitchell,Aug 2010

Steve:  Just a quick note to thank you and Tom for a wonderful job you did hosting us while in Scotland.  Tom did such a very good job handling the women (yes that is a tough task, we shifted Tom's way!).  His patience and great personality made it enjoyable for everyone.  We will do it again next summer and will coordinate again on dates for you, that is minus the women in 2011!
Mike Jenkins

Hi, Cousin Steve!
I wanted to send you the pictures of you and Rick together for your Rogue's Gallery.  I'm not sure which ones you would want so I am sending you all. Something to remember the trip by.....could you ever forget???
Seriously, thank you so much, Steve, for all you did to make this trip a wonderful one!  Rick and I are both in your debt!  It was truely an unforgettable trip for me!
You did Scotland proud by being a great host!  So many thanks are sent to you and to your family!  I hope Sam is again feeling well
My best to you and to your family!  I hope that someday you can come to the States so we can return your graciousness!  We would love it!
Carol Mitchell, June2010

Steve, You are the consummate professional. I wish I knew a lot more people travelling your way so I could push them toward you. It will happen at some point, I know.

Take Care,
Bill , August 2010


Rowan travel offer a reliable professional service which insures you get to your points of interest hassel free.  Tom our usual driver go's beyond his responsibilities to provide incredible service.  I will continue to use Rowan Travel for my business as i know we are in safe hands.


Gordon McKinlay, President and founder of McKinlay Golf travel, Pinehurst, NC 2009


What a great trip in 2009, we had and Tom was one of the real highlights. He was always on time and full of great stories and good humor. And he literally "went the extra mile". When several pieces of luggage didn't arrive with us, Tom took us to St Andrews and made the return trip to the airport in Edinburgh, picked up the luggage, and returned to St Andrews while we were having dinner. Really great service. Thanks so much


Rowan Travel took my family and me (8 of us) ranging in age from 79 down to 14 on a 2 week golf odyssey(sp?) in July, 2009, starting at the Glasgow airport. we travelled to the Highlands on the east coast and our Rowan driver was supberb, showing us the sights along every trip to the great golf courses in that area. After a week, we drove down to St Andrews and stayed there for our 2nd week and Rowan was always there when needed them. Their Mercedes bus was perfect, their driver became a member of our family and I couldn't be more satisfied with their service. I give them a 5 star rating. 

Pete Peters, Iowa.

Our recent golf trip from Seattle to Scotland was expected to be a golfing highlight amongst all our golf travel journies.
What we did not expect was that our driver  made the entire ten day trip in every way possible.
Not only was our driver a great resource and escort but became a friend to us all when it was all said and done.
I highly recommend Rowan Travel for your next trip
Simon Spratley
Seattle, WA
Simon Spratley 2009

"I had the difficult job of putting together a golf trip to Scotland for a total of eight of my golfing buddies.  One of my biggest concerns was transportation.  No one wanted to drive, and the size of the vehicles was a big problem. While making a study of sites and putting together plans I came across Rowan Travel's name. I contacted Steve Mackie, and from that time on my job got a lot easier. He helped me with routing, itinerary and even places to stay. When we arrived he was always prompt and professional.
He made everything go smoothly. His van was large and comfortable. All eight of our group was in agreement, Steve was great! I would not hesitate to use Steve again or recommend him to friends!"
Bill Metzger
Paducah Ky, 


"Thanks very much for all you did to make our trip to Scotland so enjoyable.  That was my first visit over there and hopefully I will get the chance to do it again someday.  I appreciate your efforts and kind hospitality.  Enjoy the remainder of the summer . . .I hope the good weather has continued for you since we left.  Thanks again."

Ed Winsper,

"To whom it may concern,
I just wanted to tell you that Rowan Travel was one of the finest companies I've ever delt with. I was a little apprehensive on not using a travel agent to put our trip together. The combination of Mr. Ferguson's book and your knowledge of Scotland made it much easier to sit back and enjoy the trip. I hope you are proud of the company you have created and the company you keep. Tommy was incredible. He was willing and able to help us and was very entertaining. We all commented on making a friend for life with him.
We will see you in a few years to tackle the other courses.

God bless, Stuart Tillery" , June 2008

"The transport service we received from Steve Mackie and Rowan Travel was exactly what we wanted: prompt, professional and reliable.  And, Steve is a pleasure to deal with and knowledgable about the golf courses, pubs and restaurants.  No doubt having his experience and local knowledge helped make our trip the great experience it was.  Everyone in our group was on their first trip to Scotland.  Everyone wants to go back soon.  And everyone would be thrilled to have Steve at the helm again."

Stephen J. Rowe Birmingham, Alabama 35203

"I have been running golf trips to Scotland and Ireland every year for the past 10 years and Steve and his crew are by far the best of the best!  They are knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your trip goes smoothly.  On our last trip with Steve we had 12 golfers that played 36 holes a day on 8 different courses. We changed hotels five times and drove all over Scotland. Steve's crew handled everything perfectly and the coach driver even went as far as to arrange our dinner reservations and showed us sights along the way."
Best regards, Joe
Joseph M. Hawayek
International Venture Associates

"When planning my golf trips to Scotland, I don't want to worry about transportation.  That's why I use Steve Mackie from Rowan Travel.  Steve is professional, knowledgeable, and always on time.  My group and I could not recommend him highly enough.
After having planed and arranged several golf trips to Scotland, I have learned to stick with what works.  Steve Mackie and Rowan Travel are your best bet for all your transportation needs.  When asked for a tip on transportation by other groups headed to Scotland, I don't just recommend Steve; I insist that they use him.  I know they will be delighted with the result.
Hope all is well on your end.  Can't wait till we get there in August.  I will be in touch around July to finalize the logistics.  Looks to be a hell of a good trip!"


Daryl David
Members Club at Aldarra

 "We had a group of eight and everything was perfect.  Our driver could not have been nicer and he always and I mean ALWAYS had our best interest at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend Rowan Travel, you will not be disappointed!"...I hope all is well and that Tom is still a driver."

Regards, Don Norsworthy 

"We used Steve Mackie and Rowan Travel , best suggestion of the trip. Steve was professional, courteous, on time, and, most important, knew where he was going. Post trip, to a man, the group highly endorsed the use of a driver. We could have never operated as efficiently as Steve did, especially when we had to get from a morning round that ran late to an afternoon round. He also took care of restaurant reservations and kept the hotels informed as to late arrivals. "An absolute gem."....Craig Brass: Plymouth MI 

"Steve and Rowan are excellent.  You wont find a company with a better host and more comfortable transportation.  Steve knows every highway and back road in Scotland and also includes points of interest (distilleries/castles/etc.).  He takes care of everything along the way.  We had a guy on our trip whose mother had a heart attack and Steve drove him 150 miles roundtrip to get him to the airport for a trip home and was back at our hotel to meet us for our our tee time at 7:30 in the morning.  I have traveled with Steve on three trips in the past three years and will be making another trip with twelve guys next September.  I cant recommend him highly enough. "


William Beeh

Purus Technologies, Inc.

"On our groups most recent trip to Scotland, we used Steve Mackie and Rowan Travel for our tour bus. Prior to the trip I asked Steve for referrals. All of those referrals said that Steve Mackie and Rowan Travel had been an integral part of the success of their trips. Our group, likewise, found that Steve Mackie and Rowan Travel helped make our trip  Steve was professional, courteous, efficient, knowledgeable, pleasant, and most importantly, a contributor to the fun atmosphere of the trip. I would not consider putting together a golfing trip to Scotland without Steve Mackie and Rowan Travel. "

Buddy Hopson

"I have used Steve Mackie of Rowan Travel on two occassions on travel to Scotland.  The first time I brought my daughters and grandchildren to Scotland to memorialize their Scottish grandmother's life.  Steve took us everywhere we wanted to go on a weeklong tour of the Scotland I knew.  He was knowledgeable about Scottish history and stories, and took us backroads to see many sites - and to shop! - off the beaten tracks. The second trip with Steve and Rowan Travel was when I brought a group of 8 American friends on a "girls' road trip."  The success of our travels was due to his good nature, willingness to lug our bags, and his ability to enjoy the company of a group of girls out to just have fun.  I'm looking forward to my next trip in March 2008 when I'm bringing another group on a trip following "The Road to the Isles."  I would never consider a trip to Scotland without having Steve help me plan my itinerary and be our driver.  Highly recommended to individuals, and small and large groups for whatever reason you take a trip to my homeland. "

Charlotte Bleh Schulz, (formerly Dundee, Angus) now Glendale, Arizona.

"Tommy was friendly, helpful, funny and always had a smile on his face. He went out of his way to do things above and beyond the call of duty. When people ask me how my trip was to Scotland the second thing I tell them about is Rowan Travel and Tommy, the first is the beauty that this land holds, the golf was a by product. I would never suggest that anyone take a trip to Scotland without Tommy and Rowan Travel as their guides.
To a man everyone speaks highly of Tommy and wish him all the best, please pass on these sentiments to Tommy."
Sincerely,  Jim Whitton


"I wanted to let you know our trip was a huge success, we enjoyed the golf and especially the company of your driver, Tom Ferguson. Tom made our bus rides much more enjoyable, and without a doubt, he is a huge asset to your company. Not one time did he complain, or make any fuss about moving luggage, driving us here or there on the way to our course, not one complaint from him the whole week, just laughs and smiles and a wealth of local information. Our group was always on time to our destination because he was always on time, and without a doubt, a wonderful person to be around. He made our trip one that I will never forget. Sincerely, "  

 Don Gallegly

"Our trip in April and May was the best.  I can easily tell any of my friends to spend the extra money and have your company provide transportation services.  My entire group liked the idea that we could relax, talk or sleep and not worry about directions, where to get gas and how to find the courses.  When we come back we will use your services again!"
Mark Suzuki


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